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New Model Two-in-One Shredding-Granulator

New Model Two-in-One Shredding-Granulator

Two-in-one machine- the shredding-granulating solution for big bulk materials

An  innovation on the recycling solution for lumps and large volume parts

More Reasons - More Advantages - Dual Solution

Low investment
No conveyor needed between shredding and granulating
Integral steel plate welding - low noise - compact - low investment
Two in one shredding granulator - space saving
One control cabinet

High performance

Two in one shredding granulator - quick assemble

Fast and convenient maintenance

Easy to change and clean the parts

Easy to adjust cutting gap

High quality parts, especially rotor bearing

Working environment optimization-more safety

Special blade angle design decreases running noise

Safe and easy to maintain

Always walk in the forefront of technology

Efficient One Step Treatment for Plastic Recycling

A new type of shredding-granulating machine is specially designed for the recycling and regeneration of the material which can not be size reduced only by one granulator, such as the lumps, solid materials, bulk materials or soft materials.

This new type of shredding-granulating machine was designed  by the French designer Vincent from ENMA France and Chinese designer Ou Li fei from ENMA China. This model combines ENMA EMS series single shaft shredder and GE series granulator, and is named of Two-in-One plastic size reduction equipment.