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GB Series Granulator for Bottles

General Description

GB PET series granulator is a special PET bottle granulator with high output and low energy consumption designed by ENMA. The output can reach 500KG-6000KG/H. The granulator offers a wide array of different rotor designs with widths ranging from 700 mm to 2000 mm with a diameter of 700mm. The completely welded heavy steel construction is designed to withstand the most demanding and universal applications. Oversized rotor bearings, knife mounts and rotor shaft are equipped. The standard V-cut creates a high quality regrind with a very low percentage of fines in the output material. The removable third stator blade is acting as a deflector wedge and allows the machine to be quickly adjusted to different application scenarios. Other standard features include easily replaceable wear plates in the cutting chamber as well as outboard bearings reducing the risk of contamination.

Advantage of GB Bottle Granulator

1.Convenient and quick external knife adjusting design

2.Special designed deflector for machine wide application

3. Multiple rotor designs

4.Proven machine housing design

5. Everlasting and firm of welded steel construction


The wide range of rotors and hopper styles allow the GB series granulator to be tailored to recycling of normal PET bottle, PP/PE bottle. The GB series granulator is patented PET granulator of ENMA, which can be equipped with special wear protections, such as hard facing of the rotor, housing and key parts manufactured from highly wear resistant steels.

Parallel screw force feeding

1.  Design of external bearing

2.  Screw feeding quantity upon output quantity

3.  Hydraulic system of granulator chamber opening

4.  Rotor of duel-scissor  cutting

5.  Rubber sealing system of integral chamber, for crushing with water