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Four Shaft Shredder

Four Shaft Shredder

EFS60 100 120 150

ENMA EFS Four-shaft shredder is capable for ranges:

-       Alternative fuel/Fuel derives from rubbish – post consumer waste handing, industrial waste, recycled wood, paper, tyre, plastics, carpet, fiber, etc.

-       Material sorting & recycling – e-waste, plastics, aluminum material, drinking bottle, iron/steel barrel, car, wood, etc.

-       Product/files crushed for security – file document, PC, unqualified & overdue products, recycled medicine, e-waste, plastics part, etc.

-       General recycling – treating medical waste, radioactivity material, organic waste, paper fiber, post consumer waste, industrial waste, etc.

Unparalleled Four Shaft Shredder

ENMA-EFS series four shaft shredder has been tested and recognized by the market. It also plays a very good cutting effect and high reliability for the materials that are difficult to deal with. ENMA-EFS four shaft shredder is widely used. Processing uniaxial and biaxial non-cutting materials, its strong design and strong cutting technology make it more powerful in recycling industry.

EFS is especially flexible in use due to modular design and various combination of cutting units. In addition, it can adjust speed, torque, seals, cutting devices and increasing the length of the equipment. You can do exactly what you want, which ensures maximum flexibility and reliability.

EFS operates at a low speed system. If a special foreign body is added, the machine stops immediately if the cutting disk detects the foreign body. This prevents damage to the cutting device. In addition, the drive allows frequent commutations. This is especially beneficial for shredding problematic materials. Integrated screen designs can be quickly replaced, and four shaft shredder can be equipped with additional separation and delivery systems.