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Two Shaft Shredder

ENMA-ETS Two Shaft Shredder

High output, two shaft precutting shredder

Large output and continuously shredded two shaft cutting world, the key to the success of ENMA two shaft shredder lies in the design and cutting technology of rotor tools. For many years, it has been devoted to the research and innovation of perfect coarse shredding.

The material is touched by the rotor and cutter of ETS, which unceremoniously pulls the material into the cutting chamber of the machine, then shredding it between the blades on two opposite shafts. Electronic garbage or large objects-even hard to shred, mass materials can't resist these two powerful knife shafts, fibers, plastics, elastomers and rubber materials to ensure that they are cut perfectly. The running mode of slow speed equipment is ETS two shaft shredder also has quiet and high output dust-free cutting effect, but also can be equipped with ENMA EFS four-axis shredder to further refine your material.

Two Shaft Shredder

ETS600 100 120 160 200

ENMA ETS Two-shaft shredder is capable for ranges:

- Alternative fuel/Fuel derives from rubbish – post consumer waste handing, industrial waste, recycled wood, paper, tyre, plastics, carpet, fiber, etc.

- Product/files crushed for security – file document, PC, unqualified & overdue products, recycled medicine, e-waste, plastics part, etc.

- General recycling – treating medical waste, radioactivity material, organic waste, paper fiber, post consumer waste, industrial waste, etc.

- Special recycling – battery, toxicant chemical waste, general infectant material, etc.

- Metal granulating – aluminum, iron material, nonferrous metal, metal edge, steel barrel, etc.

- Tire recycling – car tire, truck tire, vehicle tire, etc.

- Plastic recycling – plastic lumps, plastic roller, plastic plate, plastic film unqualified plastic products, etc.