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GC Compact Granulator

Advantage of the GC Compact Granulator

1.Knives are adjusted outside of machine

2.Compact design

3.Different rotor types available

4.Soundproof housing

5.Strong tangential feeding

General Description

The GS compact sound proof granulator is designed with a complete sound proof enclosure resulting in an extremely quiet operation. Different rotor designs are available in widths ranging from 300 mm to 1400 mm with a diameter of 300 mm. The completely welded cutting chamber in conjunction with the "V" type rotor design ensures dependability in operation and universal application use. While it delivers excellent sound proofing capabilities, it still offers easy and quick access to the cutting chamber during rotor and stator knife changes, servicing or screen exchanging. The sound dampening material used in these machines is based on the latest technological research.


The cutting geometry of the GC series allows even voluminous materials to be ground. ENMA GC series line achieves a high quality regrind independent of the material type or form such as injection moulding parts, blow moulding parts, profiles, sheets, film, etc. The GC series granulator is mainly used in online operations for processing of rejected products, or runners and sprues. The small footprint and easy movability make the granulator very easy to place in existing operations.


1、High performance cutting system

2、Compact type design

3、Device of parts quick discharging

4、Manual hydraulic opening system

5、Hydraulic opening device