ENMA - BestgrindTech


One of the main fields of use for ENMA P Pulverizer is the pulverization of PVC regrind in pipe and profile recycling. Working in line with a shredder and granulator to have a balanced and efficient system to handle in house production waste. Another application is the grinding of PE. P Pulverizer is used in the production process to create the powder needed in the process.

The material is fed into the Pulverizer by a vibrating dosing channel, the feeding rate is automatically adjusted based on the motors amperage and material temperature.

The material temperature is monitored in the process, an automated cooling system will ensure the temperature is kept at a defined level.

The ENMA P Pulverizers can be equipped with either one piece or segmented grinding discs, both are made from high quality tool steel and can be treated to withstand wear longer.