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Convenient online purchasing From now on, you can order spare parts, damaged parts and cutting tools easily. 24 hours open online store with more than 100 kinds of goods.
  • 2018-04
    Environment and health of the company and quality system has been optimized
  • 2018-04
    ENMA shredder in the largest recycling order for waste silk and cloth in the Chinese market
    After 3 years of experiments and customer feedback, EBS series single shaft soft material shredding and recycling, for example: waste silk, waste cloth, fiber, full belt, airbag, PP woven bag, film and some other more materials difficult to be dealt with.
  • 2018-03
    Small Space, Large function
    ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD's new two-in-one shredding-granulating machine, we call it "Two-in-One," simply in TIO. In Chinaplas2017, TIO1300 type was first globally shown, which is a revolutionary and innovative 450mm super cutting rotor design based on the original EMS series...
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