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ENMA shredder in the largest recycling order for waste silk and cloth in the Chinese market

After 3 years of experiments and customer feedback, EBS series single shaft soft material shredding and recycling, for example: waste silk, waste cloth, fiber, full belt, airbag, PP woven bag, film and some other more materials difficult to be dealt with.

Thanks to Jiangsu, Changzhou LiDe company for giving ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD the largest order for recycling waste cloth and silk in Chinese market, and ordering more than 10 sets EBS1600 heavy shredders.  This machine adopts special rotor structure design to prevent winding, caking, heating up resulting in blocking machine. ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD patented rotor efficiency is twice as high as that of general shredder rotor. Rotor is 600mm, double V cutting technology of rotor blade is used for cutting film, fiber, waste silk, waste cloth, effectively resolve to the shredding technology that other companies can not complete with.

In order to adapt to Chinese market, ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD also developed economical, low-cost shredder and granulator. Thus, our customers use ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD equipment, from which they can benefit.