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Small Space, Large function

ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD's new two-in-one shredding-granulating machine, we call it "Two-in-One," simply in TIO. In Chinaplas2017, TIO1300 type was first globally shown, which is a revolutionary and innovative 450mm super cutting rotor design based on the original EMS series, new type hydraulic silo open and close, 25 degree inclined face pushing design.  It makes the running very energy saving, low cost maintenance and the floor area is minimized.

New two-in-one TIO1300 shredding granulator machine was introduced at the International Exhibition of Plastics and Rubber(Chinaplas in Shanghai). The machine is mainly used for lump material, hollow waste, film, wood, paper, etc. Through the initial shredding directly to second step granulating to get ideal size product.  The machine adopts a sound-proof design of 25 degrees inclined feed to effectively reduce the pusher pressure, and the patented hopper opening design makes it easier and safer for customers to maintain the cutting blades. Space saving is chosen by European and Japanese customers.  The system requires only one control cabinet to control feed through Siemens PLC multiple push modes, which simplifies operation and improves working security. Modular design and driven belt system ensure energy efficiency, high performance and durability.