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EMA showed high efficient & environmental protection single shaft shredder and recycling technology at the 28th New Environmental Exposition 2019.

March 12-15, 2019, in Tokyo, Japan, the 28th New Environmental Exposition 2019, ENMA and ECORO successfully exhibited the EMS1300 series of single shaft shredder. EMS series of the latest rotor cutting technology received high response from Japanese recycling manufacturers. Engineer, OU LI FEI, combined with the needs of recycling enterprises and designed general rotor for hard and soft material, which can reduce the investment and use costs of customers. This rotor is characterized by V-type multi-point cutting design principle so that soft materials do not wrap the shaft. The open & close rear cover design makes it easier for you to replace the blades and clear the cutting chamber.

At the same time, the ELS series of small type single shaft shredder

is mainly used for the recycling lumps at the factory. ELS series can also be used with granulator so that recycling at your factory becomes more flexible and the use cost is lower, space is not big. Rotor structure of 260mm design, the width of the machine has two types of ELS600 and 800mm, which can fully meet the small plant recycling of plastic, wood, paper.

ENMA is a leading supplier of recycling and processing waste environmentally friendly technology. Products include powerful granulator for wide variety of industrial plastics, fabrics, fibers, waste wood, domestic waste and industrial waste, consistent high-quality products are ENMA commitment to customers.

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