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Welcome to the world of ENMA BestgrindTech!

Since Foundation in France, ENMA has been focused on exploring materials for 20 years, including wood, plastics, paper, biology, household waste, business waste, industrial waste, and other special areas of crushing and recycling technologies. We work to develop sustainable environmental technologies to maximize recycling and reproduction of these materials or wastes. We define our products as shredding, granulating, transporting, screening, Any ENMA customer can find a satisfactory recycling solution from a single machine or complex system produced by ENMA or from the entire plant recycling system. With the development of the company and the expansion of the market, European companies have been unable to meet the needs of production. In 2008, ENMA of France moved factory to Shanghai, China, and set up ENMA Granulator(China) Co., Ltd. And in China to continue to create sustainable development of environmental technology this dream. ENMA has kept its "BestgrindTech" promise, which means we will do our best to be more reliable than any other supplier. This applies to all ENMA products and services, and for our customers. It means choosing ENMA products is the best decision they can make.