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ENMA History continues here

  • We are named ENMA


    N—No occupying space

    M—Maintenance easy

    A—Advanced design

  • 1990

    ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD established a small Granulator maintenance in Lille, France. The company has 5 employees, which initially focused on the maintenance and maintenance of various granulators.

  • 1991

    At the request of local customers, ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD began designing a granulator for injection molding plastic and wood.

  • 1992

    The first Granulator, called G Series, is the first GRANULATOR letter G. G300 is produced in Lille, France and has been tested then delivered to customer use.

  • 1993

    ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD has developed G450, G560, G700, G800, G1000, G1200, along with the needs of the market.

  • 1994

    On the basis of better and better plastic recycling market, ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD designs different rotor 3 edge, 5 edge, 7 edge on the basis of G series which can meet the requirements of different customers and crushing.

  • 1997

    ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD is expanding from market in France and starting to build a distribution network.

  • 2000

    According to the demand of the market, ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD develops the design and production of the edge machine in succession, and develops the new V-shaped cutting technology of the oblique shredder on the basis of G series

  • 2002

    ELS and EMS series single shaft shredder are birthed. ELS stands for small-sized shredder, EMS represents medium-sized shredder. Rotor is 250mm and 400mm in diameter and width is from 600 to 2000mm.

  • 2005

    Granulator / Shredder sales exceeds 100 sets. EPS series pipe shredder production line to launch market.

  • 2008

    ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD expanded production and reduced manufacturing costs, decided to move the manufacturing plant to Shanghai, China, and then set up ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD China in partnership with SHANGHAI JIAZHENG Machinery. Shut down production in Lille, France. French company provides all aircraft design and equipment innovation technology for ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD China.

  • 2009

    "French Quality, Made in China". ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD officially entered the most high-end market in China this year. The products successfully entered Beijing Yinruijie, Dongfeng Honda Group Co., Ltd.

  • 2010

    GH series granulator, EMS series shredder obtained patent for invention of rotor and cutting system in China, patent for utility model, and patent for exterior design of all models.

  • 2011

    Sun Renquan (production / product manager), Qiang Chuanhao (external processing supervisor) joined the ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD team. In the same year, the first generation of EBS series large-sized shredder launched the market, successfully shown at the exhibition and obtained a very high quantity of orders.

  • 2012

    Mandy received an order for 10 large granulators from Mr. Chocolate of the Tunisian PET Recycling Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Jinyi Pipe introduced a set of EPS800-6m pipe shredder.

  • 2013

    Ou Lifei (Design Department Manager) joined the ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD team. In order to control the quality of products, ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD moved to Shanghai industrial park in Wangang town to increase processing equipment and 90% parts are self-made.

  • 2014

    China sells more than 200 units. ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD brand crushing technology is registered in the United States and protected by law.

  • 2015

    The second generation EBS series was sold more than 38 units, while the third generation EBS series, designed in France, is estimated to be shown in April, 2018 at Chinaplas exhibition.

  • 2016

    Dusseldorf in Germany launched the second generation ELS single shaft small-sized shredder  and GC compact granulator, which win important orders in Europe.

  • 2017

    ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD brand repositioning, defining our new mission, vision and brand commitment. BestgrindTech, UK ACM newly issued quality system certificate, environmental certificate, occupational health certificate.

  • 2018

    ENMA Granulator (China) Co.,LTD's story continues…